Duvets and pillows – made of the best materials

Which duvet do you prefer? Do you perspire a lot or do you get cold easily? Do you choose bamboo, silk, eider duck, fluffy down, breathable camel hair or extremely ventilating cashmere? Choosing a duvet is not only a matter of personal taste. That is why Bröring is more than happy to help you make a choice from our wide selection. We sell duvets in all premium materials, including hypoallergenic fabric. Choosing a good pillow is at least as important as choosing a good bed. It is important that you choose the pillow that suits your sleep habits, psychical characteristics and sleep system. Pillows are bought more often than a mattress, which is hardly surprising since a pillow will last a maximum of five years. A preview of what you need to know when buying a new pillow. The standard sizes are 60×70 and 35×70, but Bröring can provide custom-made pillows: every size you would like. Visit our website or our showroom and ask our experts. Good advice is essential when buying your pillow and Bröring is happy to help

Your bed and sleep position

Choosing the right pillow depends on certain factors, such as the bed you sleep on and your sleep position. On a firm bed you will lie on top of it, while on a soft bed you will sink more into it. The space between the bed and your head and neck should be properly filled up by the pillow making your sleep position important. The starting point in choosing the right pillow is the correct position of our shoulders, neck and head when we stand: chest out, shoulders back and looking straight ahead. While sleeping we should have this position as well. People sleep on their stomach, side or back. Sleeping on the stomach is usually considered to be the worst sleep position. You should therefore try and change it, which is better for your spine and will prevent complaints such as neck problems. Side sleepers need a pillow, that prevents the sideways bend of the neck. The broader the shoulders and the firmer the mattress, the higher the pillow should be. For back sleepers the best height and firmness of the pillow depends on the curve of the back. The bigger the curve, the more support is needed for the head and neck.

De sfeer van de slaapkamer speelt een grote rol bij de kwaliteit van de nachtrust. We wisselen gemiddeld 20x van lighouding per uur. Wie te weinig slaapt ervaart sneller ongemakken en pijn.

Pillows that keep their shape

Choosing a pillow that keeps its shape or a pillow that loses its shape depends on your personal preference. Both types of pillows offer sufficient support. Latex pillows or foam rubber pillows retain their original shape. When you buy a pillow that keeps its shape you should take into account that the shape of the pillow cannot be changed by forming or folding the pillow. A latex pillow offers good support for your neck and head, but it can also warm up more quickly. You can prevent this from happening by using the correct cover, or flannel combined with Outlast pillowcases, which manage the temperature. Which material is best suited for you depends on your body type, bed, sleep position and personal preference.

Pillows that lose their shape

Pillows that are made of down, feathers, kapok or synthetic fibre balls (for example Comforel) lose their shape and are easily moulded into the desired form. By moulding the material you have control of the filling material and the place of support for your head and neck. Depending on the filling material of the pillow it will be either really soft (especially with 100% down) or rather hard (100% feathers), the latter of which has a decorative function or is used for reading in bed. The ratio between down and feathers, as well as the quality of the material, define the weight and firmness of a down-feather pillow. You can choose a down percentage between 15% and 100% as well as the number of grams. The standard number is 400 or 600 grams, but custom work is also possible at Bröring, depending on your preferences.

Other pillows and filling materials

Neck support pillows are usually made out of various filling materials and for the most part keep their shape. They have a separate part across the neck, the neck support, which is usually made of latex. Many side sleepers prefer a neck support pillow. In this sleep position the neck needs more support than the head, because the neck is smaller. You can even get slumber rolls made to size for decoration or sleeping need at Bröring. Of course you can also find ‘jantje’ pillows or decorative pillows of all sizes in your choice of filling materials.