Mattresses of top brands – for every bed base

Premium quality mattresses

Bröring offers a wide range of quality mattresses from renowned brands such as Swissflex Schramm Kuperus and Magnitude. You can choose from various materials: mattresses made with a core of pocket springs, multi pocket springs, latex or pressure-reducing memory foam. You can also choose for a permanent cover or a removable one, which is even washable in some cases. The mattresses are available in four different firmness levels, depending on your weight, height and body type. The right mattress is the mattress, with which your body position is good and which comfortably supports your body. You need to be able to turn without problems and find a comfortable position right away. The shoulders and hips should sink comfortably into the mattress, while your lower back is supported. With soft mattresses you will sink a little into them, with firmer mattresses you lie on top. A softer mattress hugs your body more and is therefore somewhat warmer than a firmer mattress. What is your preference?

Bröring Premium collection

Extraordinary is the Bröring Premium collection, with which you can choose from three different mattress cores. Every mattress core is available in four firmness levels. Your choice of firmness can be personalized according to your preferences. Depending on your sleep position, body type or preference certain mattress areas can be made firmer or softer. The finishing of the top layer is available in four different firmness levels. This top layer defines the first contact you will have with the mattress. The Bröring Premium collection of custom-made mattresses guarantees an even more refined and personal comfort because everyone is different in terms of body type and proportions. The mattresses are available up to a length of 230 cm and are suitable for people between 40 and 200 kg. Bröring even offers an ‘exchange warrantee’ on the composition of the mattress core.

Bröring, expert sleep specialist

You are in need of a new mattress, but there is such a wide range available that you wonder how you will ever be able to make the right choice. Bröring understands that. To find the right mattress, it is important that you try out mattresses in our showroom. Our expert sleep specialists will ask you a couple of questions first before letting you try out several mattresses. Our experts are true specialists, who will take the time you need without rushing you. Specialists who know the importance of a good mattress, who know what is for sale and who know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Woelen in bed is vaak een teken van een "versleten" bed. We slapen gemiddeld 5 uur per week te kort.

Personal advice

Our sleep specialist will ask you a couple of questions. In accordance with your answers our specialist will let you try different mattresses (and pillows!) in a pleasant and quiet ambiance, mattresses which are noticeably different. In accordance with your reactions and preferences, which emerge during this try-out, Bröring will give a personal and reliable advice, which is based on years of expertise, training and experience. When you visit Bröring you will receive substantiated answers to your questions. Like none other Bröring knows the importance of choosing the right mattress. The mattresses will then be delivered to your home, throughout the Netherlands!