FreshBed – healthy sleep requires an adequate microclimate

A FreshBed. What is that?

It is a bed that feels like it has just been changed. A fresh and clean bed, which is cool or just a bit warmer. The principle: a bed with a built-in temperature control, so that you have your own microclimate in your bed. The air in any FreshBed is purified by a medical Hepa filter and circulates through your mattress and top mattress, without you even noticing. You can manage the temperature, which will stay constant underneath your duvet, yourself and you will sleep comfortably through the night. It has been scientifically proven that you will sleep better and deeper with the correct body temperature. To get more quality and efficient sleep enables mental and physical recovery, which in turn means more energy to perform better. A FreshBed prevents perspiration and never feels damp. That is good news for anyone who is suffering from rheumatism or arthritis and will benefit from a warm and dry environment. The air around a FreshBed is clean and pure, giving mould no chance and keeping fine particulates, pollen and dust mites at a distance. This is why you will find FreshBed in our showroom.

Innovative sleep system

Optimaal ligcomfort was, is en blijft het uitgangspunt van FreshBed bij de ontwikkeling van het slaapsysteem. Het is een feit dat u meer aankunt als u beter slaapt. De beste oplossing werd dan ook gevonden in de toepassing van de modernste materialen van gerenommeerde leveranciers. In elk FreshBed zijn ventilatie en temperatuur persoonlijk instelbaar: u hebt de volledige controle over het microklimaat in bed. Sinds de wetenschap heeft bewezen dat de juiste temperatuur en luchtvochtigheid de slaap aanzienlijk verbeteren, is gezond en comfortabel slapen meer dan een gevoel: het is een keuze. De matrassen zijn comfortabel door de pocketvering en uitermate hygiënisch, omdat er moderne en natuurlijke materialen zijn gebruikt, ook voor de topmatras. Er zijn 24 mogelijkheden om uw matras samen te stellen, zodat uw lichaam de perfecte ergonomische ondersteuning krijgt en spieren en gewrichten zich volledig kunnen ontspannen.


  • FreshBed keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter;
  • FreshBed stops excessive perspiration or cold chills;
  • FreshBed continuously purifies the air in your bedroom;
  • FreshBed continuously ventilates the bed to create the perfect sleep environment;
  • FreshBed lowers the humidity in bed;
  • FreshBed regulates your body temperature while you sleep, ensuring a better and deeper sleep;
  • FreshBed prevents dust mites, mould and damp in your bed, which is priceless when you are prone to allergy or asthma.

Want to know more?

FreshBed provides you with an optimal and healthy microclimate in your bed. FreshBed has been tested by the most critical sleepers and has proven its efficiency, which you can read about in several reviews. Curious and want to know more? Watch the video, visit our website or contact one of Bröring’s experts!

FreshBed models