Kuperus – Dutch craftsmanship since 1905

Purveyor Dutch royal household by Royal Decree

Do you want to sleep well and wake up rested and relaxed each day? You can do so in a Kuperus bed or boxspring bed, which is hand-made from exclusively natural materials. With extensive experience in the development and construction of beds and boxspring beds Kuperus stands for Dutch premium quality since 1905. That the workmanship of Kuperus is widely recognized, is demonstrated by the fact that Kuperus is purveyor to the Dutch royal household, appointed by Royal Decree! Obviously you will find Kuperus beds in our showroom.

Custom work

Extensive experience since 1905, thorough research, using only natural materials and paying a lot of attention to individual requirements of the user (material, composition and finishing) results in high quality beds. Kuperus stands for custom-made beds consisting of only natural materials. Ever since 1905 things have hardly changed. Yet Kuperus is modern, because it listens to its customers and knows what they want. Kuperus ensures not only a good night’s sleep, but also a long-term product guarantee. If for example, after purchase it turns out that a bed does not have the correct firmness level, then that will be altered. Buyers do not have to worry that they might have made the wrong choice.

Natural sleeping

Natural materials are largely responsible for the sleep environment. They are the force of nature when it comes to Kuperus boxspring beds. With the right application the materials ensure a pleasant temperature and low humidity, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in both summer and winter. Natural sleep is better: the natural materials provide better ventilation than synthetic materials, so you will awaken refreshed the next morning. Good ventilation ensures that the mattress will last a lot longer.

Scandinavian sleeping

Kuperus boxspring beds also allow for Scandinavian sleeping, which differs from all other sleep systems, not only visually, but also because of the high level of comfort and excellent ergonomics. The best natural materials and craftsmanship since 1905 ensure a good night’s rest for many years. A Kuperus sleep system is therefore a sound investment for the long term.

Individual options

Individuele mogelijkheden

During the manufacturing process each department will add a bit of character to a Kuperus bed, but the upholstery department adds the finishing touch and defines the overall look. Your bed is finished with great care. You can choose from various types of upholstery including two types of leather, in many colours. But Kuperus is open to your ideas: it is also possible to provide the upholstery fabric yourself. Then your Kuperus bed will always fit your home and will make it more personal. The bed can be completed with a headboard. Kuperus offers you a choice of ten different headboards, but can also make a customized headboard to fit exactly in your own bedroom. The headboard Alexia can even be given a more luxurious look by finishing it with Swarovski crystals. Besides the unique boxspring beds and headboards Kuperus also offers beautiful accessories, including footstools, sofa beds and LED lighting.

Images speak louder than words

Are you also wondering how a Kuperus boxspring bed is hand-made from natural materials by real craftsmen? Then watch this video. Or look at the Sleep Book brimming with photos and inspiration.


A Kuperus boxspring bed is made using the ultimate tools: the hands of the craftsmen. For each boxspring bed they make, the owner is already known: the bed is made according to your individual needs. The bed takes into account the shape, posture and movements of your body while you sleep. With this knowledge, the springs of your mattress are assembled and divided into five different areas. Some spring areas are firm, while others need to be flexible. The areas that support the heavier parts of the body are softer, so that the body can sink further into the bed in those areas. The spinal column will remain horizontal, leaving the body optimally supported. Depending on your body type the correct pocket spring package can be chosen after consulting one of our experts at Bröring.


Various natural materials form the top layer, which ensures optimal ventilation and moisture regulation. A Kuperus boxspring bed is upholstered with a fabric or leather of your choosing, available in many colours. The Kuperus boxspring beds are set apart not only because of their luxurious appearance, but also because of their high level of comfort and excellent ergonomics. In addition, the use of natural materials provides a healthy sleep environment. And because natural materials are also extremely durable and hard-wearing, the Kuperus boxspring beds last for decades, without compromising on quality. No wonder that Kuperus offers an extended product warranty!