Magnitude – beds that capture the imagination since 1930

Magnitude beds

Magnitude is a substantiated high-end sleep concept up to the smallest details, an affordable comprehensive program with a surprising price-quality ratio. True to craft tradition and with respect to Magnitude’s sound quality its products are designed and manufactured in Belgium since 1930. This experience makes a noticeable difference: Magnitude takes into account the personal needs of the customer and offers the latest generation of boxspring beds, mattresses that adapt to your body shape and an inspiring collection of exquisite fabrics. Magnitude has everything with which you can create your own sleep environment and ambiance, which is why you will find this sleep concept in our showroom.


With respect to craft tradition, but also with an eye for evolution and style, taste and technology, Magnitude provides a quality concept for stylish and durable sleep comfort. Magnitude offers a complete collection of both classic and modern looks and provides you with a versatile and custom-made sleep system. With several options such as removable covers, piping, buttons and various heights, widths and lengths you can create your own and unique Magnitude bed. With matching and custom-made bedspreads, decorative pillows, plaids, sofa beds and bedside tables in the same fabric, or a combination of materials, you can make it complete. Using your own fabric is also possible. You choose the elements and define the ambiance. The added benefit of customization is that you have a unique piece at home.

Tradition and new technologies

Magnitude takes the greatest care in manufacturing each bed. Traditional craftsmanship is the basis of the extraordinary Magnitude finish. All elements are unique and hand-crafted with attention to detail in Magnitude’s own workshops. Magnitude not only applies itself to the creation of exceptional sleep comfort, but also to design and traditional upholstery. Magnitude uses a unique upholstery method which ensures that there are no creases visible. Everything is done by hand and with an eye for detail. To ensure a highly personalized finishing, only one master upholsterer works with extreme care on creating your bed. Commitment and dedication are key in the manufacturing process. Not only are the best materials chosen, the Magnitude employees finish the mattress with an extraordinary finesse. Besides this traditional process, new technologies and trends are closely watched and applied wherever they add value.

Unlimited options

Magnitude’s number of options is unprecedented. Even if you want to keep your slatted or spiral frames, Magnitude can make your bed look like a boxspring bed, by placing it into an upholstered bedstead, whether or not combined with a headboard. And if you want the headboard just slightly wider or higher, or upholstered in another fabric, that is also possible. Furthermore you can select your accessories, ranging from various foot panels, small sofa beds, decorative pillows, plaids, boxspring rugs, bedspreads or cushions. Magnitude can be called a modular bed system: it can be put together from so many different elements that each bed will be unique.