Swissflex – Swiss perfection in ergonomics

Unique sleep comfort

A good night’s sleep is an irreplaceable source of energy and strength for body, spirit and soul. For decades Swissflex specialists have been trying to perfect the quality of sleep. A huge breakthrough was achieved with the red wave spring, which was invented by Swissflex in 1983 and has since been further developed. The red wave springs ensure a perfect adjustment to any body weight and any body type, thus guaranteeing optimal support, whether you are sitting or lying down. This results in unique and integral sleep comfort: the slatted frame and mattress are fully compatible and offer unprecedented comfort. The highly elastic Swissflex mattresses conform perfectly to every body type and support head, shoulders and pelvis anatomically correct. The red wave springs in the mattress core provide hitherto unprecedented smooth transitions. The integral sleep comfort that has been created in this way, has a relaxing effect on the muscular system and guarantees a perfect night’s sleep. Therefore you can find the Swissflex sleep concept in our showroom.

Bridge technology

The correct slatted frame literally plays a supporting role for your body while you are sleeping. Together with the mattress the slatted frame supports your body in places where the pressure is highest and they adapt where comfortable, soft and pressure-free sleeping is required. The latest patented development, the Bridge technology, is the result of the consistent development of innovative technologies and extensive scientific research. Inspired by the human spine a slatted frame technology has been developed, which completely adapts automatically, individually and optimally to any physical need and sleep position, both horizontally and vertically. The individual slats are connected with each other and react automatically and accurately to body pressure, thereby adapting completely to all movements while you are sleeping. This ensures an ergonomically correct support, while relieving tension on your body at the same time. Whether you are sleeping on the side or back, the surface of the mattress adapts ― as far as the edges of the bed ― to any movements while you are sleeping and is not inclined to tilt in case of a one-sided load. Your body is therefore anatomically in balance in any position, regardless of body type and weight, thus ensuring a perfectly ergonomical position and a sense of weightlessness when you are lying in bed.

Various models

The models with engines offer maximum comfort: with one push of a button you are sitting or lying down in the way you prefer. Whether you want to sit or put your feet up, optimal comfort is always guaranteed. The position you prefer can be easily set with the radiographic controls. The almost noiseless low-voltage engines are disconnected from power in the rest position so you are protected against electrical power and will always enjoy a healthy sleep. For models without engines you can choose from a flat base model and several different adjustable models. Whether you, according to your individual wishes and needs, pneumatically adjust the back section or manually adjust the head, back or foot section or just want to sleep in a flat position, it is just a matter of adjustment.

Swissflex models