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Bröring Premium Bed Care

Everyone suffers from dust mites. Even a bed of a year old is already slightly dirty, which can cause various problems. And whether you are allergic or not, everyone enjoys sleeping in a really clean and healthy bed. Bröring has the solution for you: Bröring Premium Bed Care. We clean your mattress by means of a tested and proven process: the MatrasClean process. When you request a cleaning test, you can see the results yourself and experience what a really clean bed is! Make an appointment with the Bröring Premium Bed Care Team at your home. During our visit we can then explain exactly how our product works and demonstrate it. You can contact the Bröring Premium Bed Care Team on Monday between 12:00 and 19:00, from Tuesday to Friday between 09:00 and 19:00, telephone number 020-301 3660.


People spend a third of their lives on their mattress and research shows that 95% of all mattresses is soiled with dead skin, perspiration, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Mattresses are the dirtiest objects in the house, because they are the perfect hiding place for dust mites. It is hot, humid and there is enough dead skin present to serve as food. Your mattress is not only the place where the most dust mites are present, but you also have very intensive physical contact with them. Of course dust mites are not only present in mattresses, but also in carpets, curtains, sofas and even on parquet floors. The difference is that you do not have intense physical contact with these for a third of your life, and that the concentration of dust mites is much smaller than in your mattress. The presence of dust mites, however, has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene: the simple fact is that mattresses cannot be washed. And that’s also the problem – you can get really ill from dust mite droppings.


Preventing the cause of dust mite allergy is obviously the main solution to address this problem. Bröring Premium Bed Care, a revolutionary and patented method to clean your mattress, is based on the MatrasClean process. MatrasCleaner is world leader in mattress hygiene. Bröring Premium Bed Care is provided at your home, so your mattress can remain there. The process eliminates the problem and cleans the mattress without the use of chemicals. We always carry out a cleaning test first, in which we show you what comes out of your mattress after two minutes of cleaning. We also carry out an ACAREX allergen test during this cleaning test, thereby showing the amount of allergens in your mattress, in order to determine whether complete cleaning is required. Your mattress is then cleaned dry and without the use of chemicals. This allows you to sleep on your mattress only a short while after cleaning has finished.

Our patented 4-phase cleaning

Our patented 4-phase cleaning

  1. The powerful, specially designed and portable mattress cleaning system produces high frequency vibrations, which shakes the dust mite droppings loose from the mattress and pulverizes them. Now, they are prepared for stage 2.
  2. The special vacuum suction system is placed on the mattress and captures all the particles. The particles are collected in a dust bag with HEPA-filter, which is specially designed to hold 99.97% of about 0.3 microns and greater.
  3. In this phase the mattress is covered with UVC rays that kill dust mites, bacteria, viruses and spores. This sterilization is completely free of chemicals.
  4. After treatment your mattress is injected with anti-bacterial, allergen-neutralizing spray. The multiplication of dust mites is thus reduced and this in turn reduces the number of times a mattress should be cleaned to once or twice a year. The spray is harmless to humans and pets.

Tests have shown that this treatment kills 99.99% of the bacteria present, without using chemicals.

The MatrasClean spray

The MatrasClean Spray against dust mites is a unique, organic, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial spray that is specifically designed to reduce the increase of dust mites in mattresses. This spray can be used on pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains, plush animals, sofas and other items made of fabric, especially if these objects cannot be washed. MatrasClean-Spray also neutralizes all the scents, such as smoke and perspiration, and is ideal to use on sports shoes. Features of the spray:

  • non-toxic;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • antibacterial;
  • biological;
  • harmless to humans and animals;
  • contains high quality natural ingredients that comply with EU rules;
  • cleans;
  • dries quickly;
  • neutralizes odours;
  • reduces the increase of dust mites;
  • reduces allergies;
  • can be used on all fabrics;
  • mattresses can be used again soon after treatment;
  • no side effects.

Expert reviews

The experts on our MatrasClean Spray:

  • Köhnlein, N. Naujox: Long term effect or acaricidal products. Publication: HYGMed, Jg. 28, 2003 Edition no.11, Page 427-430: “Reduction of the multiplication of dust mites with MatrasClean Spray by 99%.”
  • Research test no. 541047, LGA Nuremberg, Germany, 1995:
    “MattressClean Spray has a good anti-bacterial effect at microbiological tests (test method according to the Swiss testing standard SNV 195920).”
  • Report No. 0226701, Fresenius Institute Berlin, Germany, 2001:
    “Significant germ reduction i.e. bactericidal effect of MattressClean Spray.”
  • Horst K. Veith
    Reviewed as “good” in “Research no. 33: allergen contamination and smell in mattress When using the MattressClean Spray.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to tidy up after the appointment?

No, our cleaning process does not create dust or other debris. We even take off our shoes and replace them with shoes specifically meant for this cleaning process. We leave the room as it was before we entered. All you have to do is make the bed again.

Does it matter that my mattress has stains?

No, it does not matter. Everyone has one or more stains in their mattress, due to sweating or illness. For the Bröring Premium Bed Care Team this is not a problem and, if requested, the team can carry out the cleaning process with a fitted sheet around the mattress.

Do you also remove stains from the mattresses?

No, we do not remove stains. Since most stains on mattresses are old, have often been previously treated and have a high acidity rate (fibre discoloration by perspiration or urine), we cannot guarantee that the stains will actually vanish. You can try to remove fresh stains with our MatrasClean Spray. You spray the stains evenly and then dab with a towel from the outside to the inside. The cleaning process will give the mattress a deep cleansing, whereby all polluting and harmful elements (dust mites, bacteria) will be removed. Any visual discoloration will remain. Optionally you can sort this by using a new top mattress. Feel free to ask our employees for information about our collection top mattresses!

How often does my mattress need to be cleaned?

Your mattress should preferably be cleaned once or twice a year, depending on several factors, such as humidity in the house, individual needs, presence of pets, use of an electric blanket and regular use of MatrasClean Spray. This frequency is determined by the outcome of the ACAREX test, a completely independent standard, which is recognized worldwide. The ACAREX test is part of our Mattress Hygiene test. You are not required to make a new appointment immediately after the initial cleaning. We automatically contact you after six or twelve months.

Why can’t I just vacuum my mattress?

A conventional vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough for deep cleansing of a mattress. It sucks dirt closer to the top of the mattress, where it accumulates. This will make your symptoms worse. The dust mite droppings should be shaken loose and pulverized. An ordinary vacuum cleaner is not equipped with this technology. It is important that the remaining dust mites, bacteria and spores are also killed and an ordinary vacuum cleaner is not capable of that. The MatrasClean system uses UVC rays. It is important that the vacuum cleaner contains a special HEPA filter that retains very small particles.

I have a mattress cover against dust mites. Do I still need to clean my mattress?

During the placement of the cover it is important that it is used on an entirely clean or by MatrasClean cleansed mattress. If not, the dust mites will multiply in the mattress. They are only isolated from the outside world. When the cover is removed to be washed ― you are advised to do so every week ― so much dust and dust mite droppings are freed, that this can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, a cover against dust mites ensures that a mattress cannot sufficiently ‘breathe’ and a sweltering feeling will occur while you sleep. Be consistent in the use of the cover. You must realise that, when you sleep a few nights without a cover (for example, because it is being washed), the mattress is ‘infected’ to such an extent during those days, that the cover will be useless!

Does cleaning my mattress cure my allergy or asthma?

No, but most people with allergies or asthma experience significant relief from their symptoms. The treatment will not cure the allergies or asthma, but it can reduce the intensity and frequency of allergic reactions.

Does it also work on an old mattress?

Yes, our method works on mattresses of all ages. The result of the treatment is that biological aging will be stopped. So it not only works, but you will even be pleasantly surprised when you discover that you can still use your mattress for a few years!

See this article.

Source: POTEMA / Prof.Dr.Med. G. Gries, Munich

Munich lab demonstrates: mattress (10yrs) again clean & healthy!

MatrasCleaner is the exclusive licensee for the Benelux of a patented mattress cleaning method of the German company POTEMA. Several studies confirm that the mattress cleaning method has a completely clean, so healthy, mattress as a result. One of these studies was conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Gries in Munich. Hereafter a summary. For this independent microbiological study a mattress of 10 years old was divided into three different sections: A, B and C, each 20 cm2. Each of the surfaces also was intentionally contaminated with micro-organisms which are representative of an average bedroom. Subsequently surfaces B and C were cleaned with the POTEMA cleaning method. The total number of micro-organisms on the surfaces were counted separately. The result:

  • surface A: 10,000,000 micro-organisms / 20cm2 – uncleaned
  • surface B: 13 micro-organisms / 20 cm2 – POTEMA cleaned
  • surface C: 2 microorganisms / 20 cm2 – POTEMA cleaned

Escheriochia coli and Proteus spp. were found in A and B. C only contained escheriochia coli. These results are consistent with a disinfecting effect of 99.997%.

In summary: this study confirms that the POTEMA mattress cleaning process indicates a very strong antibacterial result without the use of chemicals or liquids. The result of this cleaning falls within the range STERILE.

My mattress is a year old. Is it necessary to clean it?

Yes. In one year, an untreated mattress can contain a lush population of dust mites and their droppings, dust and half a kilo of dead skin. Therefore it is wise to have your mattress cleaned at least once a year.

I have a latex mattress. Does that need to be cleaned as well?

Yes. Research has shown that dust mites are located in all types of mattresses, even in the relatively thin top coat of a waterbed.

Is it useful to clean my mattress when my curtains, flooring and pillow are not cleaned?

Yes. Curtains can usually be washed. Because the fabric of curtains is much thinner than a mattress, the dust mite droppings in the curtains fall on the ground. In addition, the curtains are as it were shaken out when they are opened and shut. The amount of dust mites in curtains is minimal compared to your mattress, because the humidity and the light do not provide the ideal living environment. Carpets are generally vacuumed weekly, which means dirt cannot accumulate for long. Pillows can often be machine washed. They are also small enough to put in the freezer for 24 hours, which will kill the dust mites too. To summarize: you can keep your curtains, carpet and pillows dust mite free yourself. You can maintain them by using MatrasClean Spray. Moreover, only 10% of all dust mites is found outside of the mattresses that are present in a house. So in terms of hygiene, you should first take care of the 90% of dust mites in your mattress.

Are the UVC rays harmful for human beings and animals?

No, UVC kills all unicellular organisms such as bacteria, fungi and spores. UVC light is widely used in the medical world to disinfect and is also stored in storage areas where bacteria are sensitive items, such as fruit. UVC light is a disinfection method that is completely harmless for humans and pets.