Exclusive collection of high-end sleep systems

Sleep systems

Bröring will always provide you with a sleep system that is right for you. We have a unique and wide range of beds and mattresses from various top brands, brands that offer a solution for any critical sleeper. The first thing our sleep specialists will do, is listen. They will enquire after your physical characteristics, sleep habits and the sleep system you are used to. Based on that information the consultant can help you make a choice, while you take all the time you need. Our showroom contains dozens of different sleep systems making it easy to test and compare them. You are more than welcome to do so!

FreshBed, the innovative and complete sleep system

The principle: a bed with a built-in temperature control, so that you have your own microclimate in your bed. FreshBed has been tested by the most critical sleepers and has proven its efficiency. FreshBed is supplied exclusively as a sleep system, i.e. along with the specially developed and matching mattresses and top mattresses. The Stand Alone can be fitted in a bedframe.

Boxspring beds

Boxspring beds are immensely popular thanks to the fact that they function as a kind of a shock absorber for the actual mattress. Bröring is official dealer for VispringSchrammKuperus and Magnitude . In combination with the correct mattress boxspring beds offer ideal support, optimal comfort and an excellent moisture regulation and ventilation. The wide range of luxury upholstery fabrics and the endless options in headboards and footboards makes a bedframe superfluous, reasons why boxspring beds are often used in hotels. However, boxspring beds are also suitable to fit into any bedframe or bedstead. Bröring will show you the most exclusive top brands when it comes to boxspring beds, brands each with distinct features that will determine the difference in comfort, look, life span and price. An electric boxspring bed or a boxspring bed with lift (a ‘high-lowbed’ or hospital bed) is also possible.

Unique slatted frames from Swissflex

A high quality bedframe defines the comfort of your sleep system. That is why Bröring advises to use a slatted frame from Swissflex. This leading brand uses the principle of the balanced frame. In whatever sleep position or on what part of the slatted frame you are sleeping, the counter-pressure is always the same, even on the sides. Bröring would like to show you the most luxurious design of this slatted frame, a top design that is fully adjustable due to four engines. Improve your sleep with a slatted frame from Swissflex!