Vi-spring, custom made from the finest natural materials

Since 1901 Vi-spring manufactures ― customized and hand-made ― the most beautiful boxspring beds in the world, which are exclusively made from natural materials. That is why you will find Vi-spring beds at Bröring, the only selected Vi-spring boutique dealer in the Benelux. Please feel free to ask our professional consultants any of your questions. Or come and visit our showroom and experience the collection yourself!

Hand-made and exclusive

The mattress, completely manufactured to your specifications, is hand-made and has a smooth and resilient surface that guarantees unprecedented comfort. You can choose one or two layers of pocket springs ― the “Vi-springs” ― depending on the desired sleep comfort. The springs perfectly adapt to the sleeper’s weight and movements, which makes the custom-made mattress extremely comfortable. For the different types of filling material Vi-spring uses only the finest natural materials, which increase comfort and ventilation and improve heat and moisture regulation. The different layers of filling material are lined with quality fabrics that ensure the luxury look and feel of the mattress. Subsequently Vi-spring’s boxspring bed ensures perfect stability and support.

Unique guarantee

Vi-spring likes to offer customers security upon their purchase. Your chosen product will be subject to a unique 90-day exchange warranty, which starts the moment the bed of your choice is delivered at your home. On top of that you are subject to a warranty for the life span of the mattress!

Vi-spring models