Is Auping the best ventilating bed?

Everyone knows Auping. The Dutch family business since 1898 that is known for its spiral bottoms that ventilated much better than other bed bottoms and thus ensured good hygiene. Even today, Auping still uses the spiral base most often. But is Auping still the best ventilating bed today? Let’s compare Auping’s top model, the Auping Kiruna, with a premium mattress from Harrison Spinks, a renowned mattress manufacturer from England of the same size. And the company behind the exclusive Bröring Natural mattress line. Two companies with a very different vision should produce nice conclusions!


Auping and Harrison Spinks are both brands with a wonderful reputation. ‘There is no such thing as a standard bed’ is a statement by Harrison Spinks, who also values Auping. So a good night’s sleep requires customization. Both brands succeed in this too. Yet the brands fill it in differently. If you like to sleep one on a well-known bed brand (with smart accessories), choose an Auping. The old spiral base still comes along well in this day and age and ventilates well. Strange is the use of synthetic materials in the mattresses, which partly counteract this effect and make recycling more difficult. Harrison Spinks remains true to its principles by using only natural materials. The mattresses also have a different grandeur and feel more refined than the Auping beds. Harrison Spinks is also doing better in terms of recycling, without synthetic residual waste. Prices and guarantees are comparable. And the Auping claim: no bed ventilates better? In this comparison it goes to Harrison Spinks (Bröring Natural).

AupingHarrison Spinks
+Bekend merk
+Nederlands Fabrikaat
+Slimme accessoires
+Goed ventilerend onderbed door spiraalbodem
+Grandeur/luxe uitstraling
+Zeer goede ventilatie door 100% natuurlijke materialen
+Unieke 4K veertechnologie
+Verfijnd vakmanschap
-Minder ventilatie (slaapklimaat) door toepassing synthetische materialen
-Minder goed recyclebaar
-Minder bekend merk
-Minder accessoires

Auping and Harrison Spinks: similarities and differences


Auping is a renowned brand that is best known for its spiral base. In many Dutch bedrooms there was an Auping, which was often also adjustable with the famous ball on the rope. But Auping is much more than a spiral: the brand says it believes in natural materials and in the importance of recycling old mattresses. And it also tells the world that. As a result, Auping has truly become a consumer brand. Good marketing has given the brand a high reputation and a good image, which means that many people already enter the store with an Auping question. For a long time, Auping remained a family business, which is known to always perform better than other companies. The development of original and personal accessories is also smart, such as a headboard and foot caps in various colours and fabrics, matching bedside tables and dimmable reading covers and light under the bed via a sensor. In short, a brand that we as Dutchmen can be proud of.

Harrison Spinks

Where Auping is typically Dutch, Harrison Spinks is very British. The company has a beautiful, almost stately history since 1840 and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise several times in the personal presence of ‘The Queen’ Royal. Besides, don’t forget that Queen Wilhelmina also ordered a few beds from Auping just before the First World War. The special thing about Harrison Spinks is that the company has been following the same philosophy for five generations: use only natural materials and continue to innovate. Fun is the way in which they emphasize the natural: Our mattresses don’t start life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire. This also makes recycling, an important issue today, possible, and the company has already been rewarded with a sustainability award. Harrison Spinks is still a family business and has more than 90% of its production in its own hands. From breeding sheep (for wool), growing hemp and flax crops in their own farm, to cutting down their own forest and designing and producing their own pocket springs. They even weave the ticks themselves. This is absolutely unique and shows that they want to exclude any quality risk. I don’t know of any other bed manufacturer who does it that way. This also results in a seven-year guarantee on everything. Harrison Spinks supplies worldwide but is not known everywhere. In the Netherlands they are delivered under the name Bröring Natural. It is typically a brand that focuses on their passion: making the best mattresses with natural materials, innovative pocket springs and handmade production. As masters of craft. The customers will follow automatically.

Auping Kiruna: top model from Auping

Enough about the companies, let’s look at the mattresses. We will take the top model from Auping: the Kiruna. A bed in the price range 7.000 and 15.000 euro (double bed). The Auping Kiruna bed comes standard with a steel support (frame) with a spiral base and a comfort zone at shoulder height. The spiral base (with mattress) optimally follows the contours of your body. This ensures a comfortable and healthy sleep. A clever detail is that the bed remembers your finest sleeping and sitting position.

Auping and ventilation

The largest sleep disturbance is the sleeping climate (52%) and ventilation plays a key role in this. No bed ventilates better’, claims Auping and therefore seems to be in a strong position here. Especially for the top model: the Auping Kiruna. Indeed, the open structure of the spiral floor allows a lot of air to pass through. But what does the Auping mattress do? Auping has different types of mattresses, including pocket spring mattresses, in different hardnesses and comfort zones. You can have several comfort zones applied that are tailored to your body. Auping does this with latex comfort layers and with the more expensive mattresses in various compositions of synthetic materials and foam. For the other materials we choose as much as possible for natural materials (wool or cotton), but also tencel and viscose. Surprising are the plastic bags around the feathers. Because if you use full ventilation and you have a very well ventilating underbed, you partly cancel this out with the use of synthetic, non-natural materials. Some of these materials ventilate, but are still inferior to the pleasant properties of natural materials such as wool and cotton. Moreover, they are more likely to lead to allergic reactions and, partly due to glued layers, they are more difficult to recycle. No bed ventilates better than this, it seems to hit the spiral bottom and less on the mattress.

Harrison Spinks: the Bröring Natural Collection

Harrison Spinks supplies in the Netherlands exclusively under the name Bröring Natural, in the price range from 4,000 euros to 10,000 euros (double bed). The lower bed is a solid and beautifully finished box spring with wooden frame, pocket springs and a top layer of micro pocket bears. Only natural materials are used. The mattresses are pocket spring mattresses that are also composed of refined and completely natural materials. This is important because it guarantees good ventilation and allows complete recycling. Globally unique is their 4K spring technology, with layers of thousands of HD micro-pocket springs made of ultrathin British steel twisted by Harrison Spinks themselves, which optimally ventilate and support your body to perfection. The natural filling materials are also home-grown and the craftsmanship can be felt in the handmade mattresses. The latest development of Harrison Spinks are zoned HD micro-pocket spring mattresses, which offer extra support where it is needed. Truly an innovative development that lifts ergonomics to an (even) higher level.

Harrison Spinks and ventilation

Mattresses from Harrison Spinks, or the Bröring Natural, ventilate well. Very good even. The thousands of pocket springs breathe naturally with every movement and are not suffocated by synthetic casings. These mattresses do not contain warm comfort layers of Latex, Latex Perfo, Latex Pura or Visco Activ foam, but have been replaced by materials such as cotton, hemp, flax and horsehair. As a result, temperature and moisture can be regulated much better and the mattress is less likely to become static. In addition, when recycling, no synthetic materials need to be separated. A great advantage because they are often difficult to remove.

Freshbed: the superlative

Sleeping well is all about an ideal sleeping climate. Anyone who wants to control this completely chooses a Freshbed: the world’s first bed with its own climate control system. The first Freshbeds can already be found at a number of top international hotels, with positive reactions from guests. It is an extremely comfortable bed in which you perspire less, which never feels clammy and in which fungi, fine dust, pollen and house dust mites are kept at bay. Precisely because a Freshbed can process moisture much better, it also lasts much longer. Read more