‘A sublime combination of haute couture and prêt-à-porter’ 

State-of-the-art. High-end. Eco Chic. All of this is true of Kolenik Kabinet, but above all it is a sublime combi- nation of haute couture and prêt-à-porter. 

Interior Designer Robert Kolenik explains: “Overall, there is a chronic shortage of storage space. When working on residential dwellings, my team and I have been confronted time and time again with ‘the cup- board problem’.” 

“Our Kabinet cupboard range has been designed on the basis of this experience. When we integrate cup- boards, we count the number of jackets, trousers, shoes… everything. And we base the cupboard configura- tion on this, plus a certain amount of overcapacity for new items. This is design for real life, so it has to fit.”  

Just like other Kolenik collections, Kabinet carries the Eco Chic Awareness Label. The modular cupboard system is sustainably produced and installed by our own specialized installation team. Kolenik is renowned for this new form of luxury. It is essential that anyone designing today, should think of the future. 


Robert Kolenik (1981) represents the new generation of Dutch Designers who are globally respected thanks to their high-quality work, no-nonsense approach and original concepts. His Eco Chic Design style is the epitome what he stands for: interiors with an eye to the future. 

Using sustainable, high-end materials – such as recycled solar panel glass with the looks of pure white onyx – Kolenik shapes the new luxury in his utterly unique way. This results in iconic, characterful interiorsthat are embraced all over the world.