Swissflex – Swiss perfection in ergonomics

Unique lying comfort

A relaxed night’s sleep is an irreplaceable source of strength for body, mind and soul. Swissflex specialists have been working for decades to perfect sleep comfort. The breakthrough came with the red golf flat, which was invented by the company in 1983 and has since been further developed. The red corrugated glass ensures a perfect adaptation to every body weight and every body shape and posture and thus guarantees optimum support, whether you are sitting or lying down. This creates the unique, integral lying comfort: the slatted base and mattress fit perfectly together and offer unparalleled comfort. The highly elastic Swissflex mattresses fit perfectly to any body and provide anatomically correct support for the head, shoulders and pelvis. In addition, the red wave in the mattress core provides unprecedented smooth transitions. The integral lying comfort created in this way has a deeply relaxing effect on the entire musculature and guarantees a perfect night’s sleep. The Swissflex sleeping concept can of course be found in our showroom.

Bridge technology

Swissflex bridge techniekThe right slatted frame literally plays a supporting role for your comfort while sleeping. Together with the mattress, the slatted base supports your body where the pressure is greatest and springs with you where comfortable, soft and pressure-free lying is desired. The latest patented development of Swissflex, the bridge technology, is the result of the consistent development of innovative technologies and extensive scientific research. Inspired by the human spine, a slatted base technology has been developed that automatically, individually and optimally adapts to every physical need and sleeping position, both horizontally and vertically. The individual slats are connected to each other and react automatically and precisely to body pressure, thus fully adapting from head to toe to all movements during sleep. This ensures ergonomically correct support and at the same time relieves the strain on your body. Whether you sleep on your side or back, the lying surface adapts to the movements during sleep up to the extreme edge of the bed and does not tilt even with one-sided strain. This means that your body is anatomically perfectly balanced in every position, regardless of posture and weight. This ensures perfect ergonomics and a weightless lying sensation.

Various models

The motorbike models offer the highest level of comfort: at the touch of a button, you can sit or lie as you wish. Whether you want to sit down or put your feet up, optimum comfort is always guaranteed and you can easily and conveniently adjust the desired position with the radiographic, direction-independent control. The almost silent low-voltage motors are disconnected from the mains when in idle status. This means that you are protected against electric current and that you will always sleep soundly. For models without motors, you can choose between a flat basic model and a few differently adjustable versions. Whether you prefer to adjust the back section pneumatically, the head, back or foot section manually or prefer to sleep flat, according to your individual wishes and requirements, is just a matter of adjustment.