Bröring Natural mattresses

Bröring developed with the English (award winning) mattress manufacturer ‘Harrison Spinks’ the natural, handmade mattress label ‘Bröring Natural’. The mattresses are produced entirely in-house with an eye to nature: from the wool and hemp to the pocket springs. Sleeping has never been so relaxing…

5 reasons why a ‘Bröring Natural’ mattress sleeps even better

-The mattresses are stitched and stitched by hand. This technique creates a stable feeling mattress, in which the different layers of materials are given more space to support your body.

-Premium Natural mattresses do not use any form of bonding. Advantages are a more sustainable process, a smaller footprint and no unpleasant (glue) odour.

-The 4K spring technology gives a sublime support by means of ultra-thin steel wire.

-Only natural materials are used to finish the mattresses. Cotton, hemp, flax and horsehair provide optimal warmth and moisture regulation so that you can always sleep comfortably.

-The range consists of 4 different types of mattresses available in different hardnesses to suit your body and sleep comfort.

Our credo? Comfortable and durable sleeping!

Broring natural Matrassen