Kuperus beds, Dutch craftsmanship since 1905

Sleep relaxed and wake up refreshed every day. This can be done in a box spring from Kuperus. Handmade from only natural materials. For more than 100 years, Kuperus beds have guaranteed top quality from Dutch soil. And that craftsmanship is recognised everywhere. That’s why Kuperus can call itself a supplier to the Royal Decree. Of course you will find Kuperus in our showroom.


Extensive experience since 1905, thorough research, use of only natural materials and a great deal of attention to the user’s individual wishes (material, composition and finish) resulted in beds of the highest quality. Kuperus guarantees handmade beds made to measure using only natural materials. In all this time, nothing essential has changed. And yet Kuperus is modern, because the company listens carefully to you and knows what you as a customer want. Kuperus not only assures you of an excellent night’s sleep, but also of a long-term product guarantee. For example, if after purchase it turns out that a bed does not have the right hardness, this will be adjusted. As a buyer, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.


Kuperus beds are made with the ultimate tool: the hands of Kuperus craftsmen. The owner is already familiar with every kuperus bed they make: the bed is made entirely according to your individual wishes. The bed revolves around the shape, position and movement of your body while you sleep. It is with this knowledge that the springs of the mattress are put together for you. The springs are divided into five different zones. Some spring zones are firm, while others need to be supple. The zones that carry the heavier parts of the body are softer, so that the body sinks further into the bed in these places. The spine remains horizontal, providing optimal support for the body. Depending on your physique, you can choose the right pocket spring package after consultation with Bröring’s expert advisors.


Different natural materials form the covering layer, which ensures optimal ventilation and moisture regulation. Kuperus beds are upholstered in a choice of upholstery or leather, available in many colours. Kuperus box springs are not only distinguished by their luxurious appearance, but also by a high level of comfort and excellent ergonomic properties. The use of natural materials ensures a healthy sleeping climate. And because natural materials are also extremely durable and wear-resistant, Kuperus box springs last for decades without any loss of quality. No wonder that Kuperus offers you a long-term product guarantee without hesitation.