About us

Making the world healthier through good sleep. By combining our expertise with traditionally produced quality beds. With an eye for sustainability and the environment.

Suzanne van Doornewaard
CEO Broring


Anyone can sell a bed. But finding the right bed for your sleeping needs requires expertise.
Our consultants have been working in the world of sleep for at least 15 years. They use the knowledge they have acquired to give you good advice. So that you get the sleep you deserve in a beautiful bed.


We only offer beds of excellent quality. Made according to old traditions (Vispring) or very innovative (Freshbed). They have one thing in common. They are made to be rested and vital in waking up.


Our mattresses are manufactured according to traditional methods. At mattress makers in England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Each with their own characteristics. But with an eye for innovation.

We have a mattress for every type of sleep.


Sustainability is an important item for us. The producers we work with produce sustainably. Some even grow their own raw materials, or work closely with the farmers in the area. With an eye for nature.

Our mattresses are recyclable, so we try to leave as little footprint as possible.