Freshbed. More than just comfort

Freshbed is the first bed in the world with its own climate control system

The Grand, The Dylan, the Amstel Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, Raffles Paris, Bau Rivage Lausanne, Fouquet’s Paris, Grand Hyatt Vienna, Lanserhof, Hotel Merlet… More and more luxurious hotels discover Freshbed and pamper their demanding guests with an exclusive sleep experience. Freshbed is the first bed in the world with its own and adjustable climate control and air purification. The reactions of their guests are very positive. It’s often called an amazing experience, a bed that really gives you a good night’s sleep. The importance of sleeping well goes beyond what many people think. Research has shown for years that it directly contributes to better daytime functioning. You can focus better, have more energy, are more creative and less sensitive to stress. Freshbed thus contributes to a better health, of both body and mind.

What is a Freshbed

An extremely comfortable bed in which you do not sweat, which never feels clammy and in which fungi, fine dust, pollen and house dust mites are kept at bay.

Freshbed, a Dutch invention and also produced in the Netherlands, was born out of this idea. The uniqueness of this bed is the adjustable climate control, with temperature setting and continuous ventilation of the mattress. This creates a personal microclimate in bed, with constant temperature and humidity. In addition, a medical Hepa filter in the climate system ensures that the circulating air is continuously purified. Freshbed also uses only natural materials that ventilate well and ensure good hygiene. Each bed is equipped with a luxurious pocket spring mattress with customised ergonomic support.