Vispring, handmade from the finest natural materials

Since 1901, Vispring has been making the world’s most beautiful box springs – made to measure and by hand – using only natural materials. This is why you will find Vispring beds at Bröring, the only selected boutique dealer in the Benelux. You are more than welcome to ask your questions to our expert advisers. Or come and experience the entire collection in our showroom!

Traditional and exclusive

Made by hand, the mattress is completely adapted to your needs and has a smooth and resilient surface that guarantees unparalleled comfort. You can choose between one or two layers with pocket springs – the “visprings” – depending on the desired sleeping comfort. The springs adapt perfectly to the weight and movement of the sleeper, making the entire custom-made mattress extremely comfortable. For the different layers of filling, Vispring uses only the purest natural materials that increase comfort and promote ventilation and the regulation of heat and moisture. The different layers of filling are then covered with quality fabrics that ensure the luxurious look of the mattress. The box spring then provides the perfect extra stability and support.