Poliform: quality, reliability and design

After the decision in 1970 to use industrial production methods, Poliform further decided to combine quality and reliability with a design based on constant innovation and a high level of creativity. The quality of Poliform cabinets is based on knowledge of wood and traditional craftsmanship, which has its origins in the Brianza area.

In order to guarantee optimal quality control, production takes place only in Italy. The ‘Made in Italy’ label can be proudly displayed by Poliform thanks to its unlimited creativity, the traditional craftsmanship that is transferred to the world from the best furniture area and the specific avant-garde technological expertise. These are all necessary requirements for a company that is constantly striving to meet the needs of its international, exclusive customers. And Poliform cabinets clearly go a step further: the quality of the workmanship and the details cannot be imitated by a local carpenter.

Because of this exceptional craftsmanship you will find Poliform in our showroom.

Italian craftsmanship

What Poliform offers is closely linked to what is modern: from modular systems to accessories, for day and night, the variety of styles in the collection reflects the time in which we live and its evolution, adapted to trends. Every design, every suggestion has functional requirements that differ from each other but are still part of each other. Modular systems, for example, need to be highly flexible: cabinets need to offer personal solutions for both the appearance of the outside and the use of the interior space. Accessories should have a beautiful design, but should also meet personal tastes and desires. Poliform succeeds in meeting these requirements by combining the added value in high quality craftsmanship and formal perfection in design and creativity, the result of collaboration with some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers.

Poliform products

Poliform products are of high quality, both aesthetically and functionally, and are made to guarantee long-term reliability. A quality that is reflected in very reasonable prices that everyone can afford. The purchase of a Poliform product is more than an investment. It means that you can enjoy optimum quality every day, that you have functional use at your disposal and that you can count on long-term reliability. Poliform products are the result of an aesthetic beauty that is guaranteed to remain stylish.