Bröring, living and sleeping specialists since 1929!

In 1929 the Bröring family started a shop in textile and living accessories on Javastraat in Amsterdam. Over the years, the store has grown into the leading sleep and living specialist in Amsterdam. Bröring is still that family business where the customer comes first. Always looking for the best solution for the customer. Innovative, thinking in solutions with an eye for detail.

Bröring, specialists in sleeping and living

Discover the world of Bröring for healthy sleep and beautiful awakening, full of ideas and inspiration about sleeping, relaxing and enjoying. Bröring assures you of a wide selection of special and renowned brands in the field of sleeping and wardrobe systems, home textiles and accessories, bed and bath linen, duvets and pillows. The bed and swimwear department is well worth a visit. It is said that Bröring has the most beautiful and surprising collection in the Netherlands. Bröring is very curious to know if you will experience this as well. The brands Bröring offers are special, because they make the concept ‘excellent’ affordable, have an optimal price/quality ratio, offer tailor-made solutions or offer the best and most beautiful in their specialisation. Bröring is happy to work with innovative companies that are committed to improving and comforting sleep. Bröring guarantees personal attention, a wide range of exclusive brands and luxury products and excellent, tailor-made service. Since 1929 specialist in sleeping and living, located in a beautiful location in Amsterdam!