Top-quality mattresses

A good night’s sleep starts with a suitable mattress. Bröring offers an extensive collection of high-quality mattresses. In addition to top quality mattresses from renowned brands such as Swissflex, Schramm, Kuperus and Magnitude bring their own labels Bröring Premium and Bröring Natural on the market. An innovation based on 90 years of expertise and development in the field of sleep improvement and sleep comfort. The perfect mattress? That’s personal and therefore different for everyone. Are you coming for a trial run?

What do you pay attention to when choosing a mattress?

Material. You can choose from various materials: mattresses made of a core of pocket suspension, multi-pocket suspension, latex or pressure-relieving slow foam. Any material has its own unique experience, properties and comfort. In addition, you have the choice for a fixed or removable cover.

Hardness level. Mattresses are available in four hardness es, depending on your body weight, height, posture and personal preference. The ideal mattress supports your body and is comfortable, leaving shoulders and hips comfortable in the mattress “sink,” while the lower back is well-supported.