Graziano – high quality, hard-wearing and colourfast

Fratelli Graziano’s mission is creating high quality, hard-wearing and colourfast fabrics that are comfortable and easy to maintain. Therefore the choice of raw materials is essential. Graziano is a true specialist in weaving jacquards, with luxurious paisley and cashmere patterns in white and ivory. The pillowcases are extremely exclusive and contain a crochet border and a ruffle. Special-size duvet covers or pillowcases are possible. The best materials ― like European linen, Egyptian Mako cotton, hemp and wool ― selected by Graziano’s experts, are carefully and skilfully spun, rotated and treated. The resulting threads are then woven to create superior quality fabrics by using advanced technologies. The ultimate proof of Fratelli Graziano’s quality work is his membership of Centro Lino Italiano, the Italian Centre of Linen, which is the Italian section of the Masters of Linen quality brand. This international brand is a guarantee for the excellent quality of the European linen.