Broring celebrates spring during the White Weeks

Discover Bröring’s world of healthy sleep and relaxed awakenings, full of ideas and inspiration about sleeping, relaxing and enjoying. Bröring ensures you a vast choice of extraordinary renowned brands with respect to sleep systems and wardrobe systems, home textiles and home accessories, bed linen and bath linen, duvets and pillows. The brands that are available at Bröring are extraordinary, because they make excellence affordable, offer an optimal price-quality ratio, offer custom work or offer the best and the most beautiful there is in their field of expertise. Bröring guarantees personal attention, an abundance of choice in exclusive brands and luxury products and excellent customer service. Since 1929 specialist in sleeping and living, located in Amsterdam at Groot Gelderlandplein!

Broring stands for…


Bröring stands for high-end, exclusive, luxury and unique products, which are manufactured ― often by hand and custom made ― with the utmost attention by the best suppliers from high-quality (and mostly natural) materials. Bröring breaths quality, not only because of our wide range of products, but also because of our expertise and customized service.


Bröring only cooperates with suppliers that promote the improvement of sleep and living comfort. Many of our suppliers have a long history of hand-made craftsmanship to this day. These unique, exclusive and luxury products ― usually custom made and by hand ― can of course be found in our showroom.

Sleep specialists

Nothing is as personal as the purchase of a new bed or mattress. Bröring’s expert sleep specialists are keenly aware of this and offer custom work. Not just in giving advice, but also in selling our exclusive collections, whether you need a pillow, boxspring bed, mattress, walk-in closet or complete bedroom. Bröring offers the top brands.

Personal attention

In our well-kept and spacious showroom in Amsterdam you are warmly welcomed by our specialists or, if you prefer, we can come to your home. Our specialists take the time to listen to all your requirements. They are experts in their field, have a lot of expertise and experience, know what is for sale and think in solutions. Our specialists will work with you to give you an advice you will be thrilled about.

In average we sleep 1/3 of our life 80% of Dutch people have back problems. The quality of the day is determined by the night’s rest.

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