Poliform – qualitative, aesthetic wardrobe systems, furniture and beds

Quality, reliability and design

After the decision in 1970 to start using industrial manufacturing methods, Poliform furthermore decided to combine quality and reliability in a design based on continuous innovation and a high degree of creativity. Poliform’s quality is based on the expert knowledge of wood and traditional craftsmanship, which originates in the Brianza area. To be able to guarantee optimal quality control during the whole manufacturing process production is limited to Italy alone. The ‘Made in Italy’ label is proudly worn with respect to unlimited creativity, traditional craftsmanship and specific avant-garde technological expertise, all necessary for a company that strives to meet the needs of its international and exclusive clientele. Poliform clearly goes above and beyond: the quality finish and the excellent details cannot be copied or surpassed by any furniture maker. You will therefore find Poliform in our showroom.

Italian craftsmanship

What Poliform provides, is closely related to what is modern: from modular systems to accessories, for day and night, the variety of styles reflect the time we live in and the evolution of it, adapted to trends. Every design and every idea has functional requirements. Modular systems for instance should be extremely flexible: closets should offer personal solutions for the look on the outside as well as the utilization of the inside. Accessories should have an interesting and beautiful design, but should also take into account personal tastes and wishes. Poliform meets these criteria by combining added value in high-end craftsmanship with formal perfection in design and creativity, the result of working with some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers.

Poliform products

Poliform offers high-end products, aesthetically as well as functionally, made to guarantee a long-term reliability. Quality that is mirrored in very reasonable prices, which anyone can afford. Purchasing a Poliform product is more than an investment. It means you get to enjoy daily optimal quality, you have functional application at your disposal and you can count on long-term reliability. Poliform products are the result of an aesthetic beauty that is guaranteed to remain stylish.

Poliform models