SwissFlex vs Swiss Sense

I want a SWISSFLEX! Or was it a SWISS SENSE?

The names are similar. But that’s all.

Unfortunately, in marketing not everything is as it seems. Swiss Sense sounds Swiss and therefore like Swiss quality. Swissflex is the same. But who has real Swiss craftsmanship in their genes? The right answer is: Swissflex. And practice shows that too.

In summary:

  • Only Swissflex is Swiss quality
  • Swissflex slatted frame optimally adapts to the body
  • Slatted frame has the best ventilation
  • Topper Swissflex is included in the mattress
  • Swissflex slatted frame is less high than a box spring
  • Slatted mattress adapts better to an adjustable bed
  • Swissflex slatted frame can be built into an existing bed frame
  • Price difference is more than compensated by Swissflex

Swissflex was founded in Basel in 1949. For decades, this bed manufacturer has stood out for its high quality ergonomic slatted frames. With very good pressure distribution and support, which are not comparable to those of Swiss Sense’s box springs. The latter does not have Swiss but Dutch roots and the company is a lot younger than Swissflex. They only supply boxsprings, of which the origin is diverse.

Swissflex always chooses a slatted frame with a high quality foam mattress, optionally made of natural latex. These mattresses contain a durable topper (individual toppers are in any case on their way back, because they harden quickly). There is no steel in it, with the exception of any springs.

The advantages of Swissflex slatted frames:

  • A lot of stability and tailor-made support, each slat can be steered separately and the slats can tilt independently and form themselves completely to your body. Corrections can be made even afterwards;
  • A slatted frame has the best ventilation. A box spring needs a longer way to discharge air;
  • A slatted frame is considerably less high than a box spring and that looks more modern. If you want to give a Swissflex slatted frame the appearance of a box spring, this is also possible;
  • Because a slatted frame can spring in considerably, it still creates a spring depth that is comparable to that of a box spring;
  • With an adjustable bed with a slatted base, the mattress can follow the base much better than with a box spring. That looks nicer;
  • A slatted frame can also be built into an existing bed frame. With a box spring that is more difficult.

Are Swiss Sense beds therefore a lesser choice? From our technical expertise as sleep specialists it is. The slatted bed base concept is by definition more ergonomic than the box spring from Swiss Sense. Swiss craftsmanship and precision are also to be found at Swissflex. And even if Swiss Sense is a little cheaper, the overall price difference for Swissflex is positive.

Of course there is also a market for Swiss Sense beds. But the designation ‘Swiss’ does not apply to them.

Let us advise you well!

If you want to enjoy a bed for ten years or more, independent advice is important. So it’s better not just to have an exclusive one-brand store. Bröring has several brands with different bed systems, which enables us to find the most suitable solution for every body. Feel free to come and try it out.